Wheat production in Kansas is the largest in the nation. While Irsik Farms grows wheat to sell commercially, the early wheat crop and milo stalks is grazing fodder for the cowherd and corn and sorghum crops are grown exclusively for the Dairy cows. Learning to enjoy the bounties of a good season and anticipate the trials of an off season is a life in farming.


The superior cowherd we have today has resulted from years of hard work and identifying the right bulls, leading to the genetic improvement and profitability of the cow-calf operation. We retain ownership of the calves so we can apply our own strict ranch standards from birth to harvest. Irsik Farms choice and prime beef is marketed exclusively to US Premium Beef.


Royal Farms Dairy has emerged as a notable steward of the land and resources through its water conservation efforts. This award winning operation focuses on simple core values…take great care of the cows, take great care of the people, control costs and operate with a high level of excellence, transparency and integrity. These same standards are being applied to our Noble Dairy operations.


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