Bilingual Clubs Help Hispanic Families Embrace 4-H

PUBLICATION: Kansas Farmer Magazine
AUTHOR: P.J. Griekspoor
DATE: June 16, 2014

More than a year ago western Kansas businessman Steve Irsik set about trying to figure out why so few of the children of Hispanic workers the dairy he owns, Royal Farms Dairy, were members of 4-H.

“I want these children to understand that they are part of the community as a whole,” he said. “I want them to see themselves as community leaders and volunteers and elected officials in the next generation.”


Royal Farms Dairy Wins Distinguished Dairy Award

PUBLICATION: Kansas Farmer Magazine
AUTHOR: P.J. Griekspoor
DATE: March, 2014

Royal Farms Dairy, located near Garden City is the recipient of this year’s Kansas Distinguished Dairy award, presented annually to honor outstanding service to the industry by Kansas State University and Kansas Farmer magazine.

The operation focuses on five core values: Take great care of cows, take great care of people, control costs, execute on basic principles with perfection and operate with a high level of integrity and transparency.


Royal Farms Dairy of Garden City Selected to Give Virtual Farm Tour at World Dairy Expo

ORGANIZATION: Kansas Department of Commerce
AUTHOR: Joe Monaco, public information officer
DATE: May 2010

“This is the first time a Kansas operation has been selected for a virtual farm tour presentation at the World Dairy Expo. Last year’s Expo featured virtual tour presentations by dairies in Wisconsin, California, Iowa and Argentina.

The Kansas Department of Commerce sponsored Royal Farms Dairy’s application. The company stood out among Kansas dairies in 2010 for its outstanding resource conservation efforts, as well as its leadership in economic and community development in the Garden City and Dodge City areas.”


Irsik to Receive Award at KFS Agroforestry Field Day

ORGANIZATION: K-State Research & Extension
AUTHOR: Kathleen Ward
DATE: May 2010

Steve Irsik lives about 26 miles west of Dodge City, Kansas — the town the National Climatic Data Center lists as the windiest in the nation.

Irsik takes that fact seriously. He has been planting windbreaks and keeping them in shape near Ingalls, Kan., for more than 20 years. He’s now got 35 acres of trees (6 miles, if end to end), protecting his interests in dairies, feedlots, feed mills, elevators, cropland and the family farmstead.

The Kansas Tree Farm Committee rates Irsik’s plantings as among the highest quality in the state. They’ll honor him with the 2010 Kansas Agroforestry Award May 20, as part of the Kansas Forest Service’s annual Agroforestry Field Day.



NCBA – National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

KLA – Kansas Livestock Association

USDA – United States Department of Agriculture

DFA – Dairy Farmers of America

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KARL – Kansas Agriculture and Rural Leadership


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